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Deutschband Prompts

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A prompt community for German bands Tokio Hotel, Panik and Killerpilze
Sometimes writers just get stuck. We feel the need to write but nothing is coming. Often we will ask friends for a prompt, just something to get us started, but friends get busy and maybe we just don't want to bother them. That's how this community came about.

We hope to post at least one prompt a day. The prompt can be used to inspire fic, whether it be a poem, drabble or something epic. It can be used to inspire art, as we'd love to see that here, too.

The focus here is on the German bands Tokio Hotel, Panik and Killerpilze. All submitted fic and art should have to do with those bands. Crossover is acceptable, but the guys from those bands should be at least one of the main characters. If there are enough requests to add other bands or artists, we would definitely be open to adding them.


All members may post prompts, but we ask that you keep them down to one sentence, or one stanza from a poem or lyric. One picture is also acceptable. This will help ensure the posts are prompts as opposed to plots.

Please tag your entries with the prompt year and name. For example: Year_2009: missing guitar.

Please do NOT disable comments.


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Also, please feel free to check out our sister site, de_band_icons!

If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to contact any of the mods!